Christensen Hearing Center offers an array of audiological services, including hearing tests and hearing aid fittings and repair at our Pomona location.

Clinical services

  • Free screenings
  • Audiological management counseling
  • Tinnitus testing
  • Hearing aid cleaning and repair
  • Hearing aid dispensing evaluations
  • Hearing evaluations for children and adults

We perform a variety of hearing tests, including:

Pure Tone

Pure tone audiometry gauges hearing sensitivity by indicating the softest sound you can hear. We will play a variety of tones and you’ll report to us whether you can hear them. That gives us an idea of the base level of your hearing abilities and a comprehensive view of your hearing loss.

Speech Discrimination Testing

When someone speaks, you may hear sound, but can you tell what they actually said? A speech discrimination tests measures how well you can hear individual words. You’ll listen to common words spoken through headphones at a volume higher than you can successfully hear in speech and report to us the words you heard.

Impedance Audiometry

Impendance testing, or tympanometry, detects the presence of blockage in your ear that could be causing your hearing loss. This test helps us detect fluid, perforation of the eardrum, or ear wax that blocks the canal by testing the mobility of the eardrum. Charting these movements helps us determine whether a blockage is present.

Outreach Services