Do you hear popping, buzzing or whistling noises almost all the time? You might be one of the 24 million Americans with tinnitus, a treatable condition related to hearing loss.

Tinnitus can make it difficult to hear conversations, concentrate at work and even relax in silence. Luckily, Christensen Hearing Center can help.

We offer Widex Zen Therapy to treat tinnitus. The system uses a series of chime-like tones to minimize the contrast between the buzzing caused by your tinnitus and the sounds occurring around you. This helps you relax and make your tinnitus less noticeable. We can adjust the tones to your preferred volume, pitch and tempo to adapt to a variety of environments and situations.

The system also reduces stress, which is one of the factors that worsen tinnitus symptoms.

Widex Zen is also available right in your hearing aids, when you choose newer Widex models. Contact us to learn more.

If you’re suffering from tinnitus, we can determine the right treatment plan for you. Schedule a hearing test with us today.